Argument set and standardization. (You don't have to do this for the homework.)

Drew. The practice of making clothes from animal products involves unimaginable cruelty towards the animals involved. This is deeply immoral, and so we should abandon this practice.
Angela. Drew's argument is completely irrelevant to the issue, because the making of clothes from animal skins is mentioned in the Bible, it has been practiced since the beginning of time, and was in fact practiced by God himself.

Drew.       1. Making clothes from animals involves unimaginable cruelty.
                2. Unimaginable cruelty is immoral.                                        
                C. We should not make clothes from animals.         

Angela.    1. Making clothes from animals is mentioned in the Book of Vuntag.
                2. God made clothes from animals                                        
                C. (It's okay to make clothes from animals.)  

Contextualization. (This is what you do for the homework.)

Basic Question: Is it immoral to kill animals just so we can make clothes out of them? (Drew says yes, Angela says no.)
Null Hypothesis: "No." Since this is a moral question, we'll start with the assumption that it's not immoral to kill animals for clothes.

Burden of Proof
Drew (If his argument fails, it's not immoral to kill animals and make clothes out of them.)
Angela. No burden. (She's supporting the null hypothesis.)

(Analysis and evaluation skipped.)

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