C. The government is obligated to serve the public interest. There is a great deal of public interest in the details of the security measures that are being taken to protect American citizens abroad. So it is obvious that the government is obligated to make full disclosure of these security measures to any member of the public who is interested.

1. The government has a moral obligation to do what's best for everyone in the country.
2. People would like to hear about what's being done to protect American citizens.
C. The government should reveal it's security plans to any Tom, Dick or Harry who asks.  (deductive - direct argument.)

Well, normally the government should be completely forthcoming about its activities, but we generally make an exception for information that's genuinely concerned with security, so the speaker bears the burden of proof here.

Fallacy of equivocation.

The term "public interest" is here used in two senses: as "the material interests of the public" and as "what the public is interested in." They're not the same thing.

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