Critical Race Theory

Read up on Critical Race Theory (CRT"). You have two options:

1. Pick one significant controversial claim made by CRT (from a link in the Pro side below), study the main argument for that claim, study a critique of that argument (or a serious opposing argument to the claim) from one of the "Con" links below, and then take the time to develop a full understanding of both arguments before you logically analyze both arguments, and only then write a paper stating, explaining, supporting, and defending your orimiskepsi on this topic.

2. Develop your own personal orimiskepsi CRT as a whole, at least to the extent that you have formed an accurate picture of the main thing Critical Race Theorists are actually saying, based entirely on the things Critical Race Theorists actually say. (If you skip this bit, you will fail this assignment.) Then find one critique of CRT, work out what the critic says CRT says, take the time to figure out if the critic correctly understands Critical Race Theory, basing your conclusion on logic and evidence, rather than how the critic might have made you feel.

Optional Background Reading

What is Critical Race Theory and is it taught in NC? Answers to common questions.

Pro: For, or Supportive of Critical Race Theory

American Bar Association Article

National Public Radio Article

EducationWeek Article

Con: Against CRT

Washington Times Article

Critique of CRT by Prager U.

Critique of CRT by Ben Shapiro.

Heritage Foundation Article

Meh: (Hopefully) Neutral Overview


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