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Is Gilbert Ryle's attack on Cartesian Dualism successful?

Look up "Gilbert Ryle" in the index of out text, go to the relevant page, and answer the following questions from your reading of what the text says about Gilbert Ryle and Cartesian Dualism.

Is Gilbert Ryle a Cartesian dualist?
According to Gilbert Ryle, what is the "official doctrine?" Does he believe the official doctrine?
According to Ryle, what more profound and philosophical assumption underlies this representation?
How is the official doctrine related to the dogma of the Ghost in the Machine?
How are these things related to Cartesian dualism?
Does Ryle think the dogma of the Ghost in the Machine is true?
Does Ryle think that it is a collection of little mistakes?
What kind of mistake does Ryle think is made by Cartesian dualism?
How is the concept of a category mistake related to the joke about seeing nobody?
Which member of a baseball team is responsible for team spirit? Can he do it all by himself?
What would Descartes say about team spirit?
Would his answer satisfy a foreigner who asked you to explain what team spirit is?
What would Ryle say about team spirit?
How would Descartes defend the young man who poured ink on Professor Palmer?
How would the prosecutor establish that the act was done intentionally?

Now think about the following questions:
In what way does Ryle agree with Descartes?
In what way does he disagree with Descartes?
Does Ryle succeed in exorcising the Ghost in the Machine?

Now write a paper that answers the following questions:
1. What is the argument for Cartesian dualism?
2. What is Gilbert Ryle's argument against Cartesian dualism?
3. In your opinion, does Ryle's argument succeed in proving Cartesian dualism false?
4. Explain why or why not.

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