Is Our Universe PROVEN to be a Hologram?

Some people have the idea that we're all living in a computer simulation of a universe rather than an actual physical universe. Other people think this idea is wrong. Your task for this prompt is to figure out, as best you can who is right and why.

It may be impossible to prove, for certain, that we are not living in a simulation, just as it may be impossible to prove you're not dreaming, or that you're not in the matrix, or that solipcism is false. (If solipcism is true, then I exist, and you don't.)

(New) Specifically, you should figure out whether or not the people who believe we are living in a simulation have proved that we are in a simulation.: 

Specifically, you should:

1. Find one argument in favor of this idea.

2. Find one argument against this idea.

3. Figure out which argument is good and which argument is bad.

4. After figuring all this stuff out, write a paper in which you:

Background Information
Simulating 1 second of human brain activity takes 82,944 processors

You can look for arguments in the following webpages:

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Older links.  (Some may be broken.)

Nick Bostrom's argument that we are living in a computer simulation,

Is The Universe A Computer Simulation? Physicist Martin Savage (HuffPost)

To get an emotional feel for the idea, you could find and watch the film The Thirteenth Floor

Bostrom doesn't mention the important fact that, if we made a simverse, it would not be us that were in inside the simverse. It would be digital copies of ourselves. Flesh-and-blood humans cannot be moved into a digital world. in theory, their minds can be copied, but those minds cannot be moved. If we made a simverse and put a copy of you into it, you would still be walking around in the world while the copy went about its digital business. (unless they killed you.)

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