Makes (Dick Cheney is a camel and an aardvark exists) TRUE

The "d" has to be inside the C circle to make the left conjunct true. If the "d" wasn't inside the C circle, why then Dick Cheney wouldn't be a camel, and then the whole sentence would be false. (Remember the truth function for conjunctions.) Similarly, the A circle has to have something in it, otherwise the right conjunct wouldn't be true, thus again making the sentence false overall. Now check this out:

Also makes (Dick Cheney is a camel and an aardvark exists) TRUE

Here, the sentence is made true by the fact that, in this universe, Dick Cheney is both a camel and an aardvark, thus making both conjuncts true at once! (Oh boy, this is fun!)

There's probably more ways to make this sentence true, but I'm bored with this one.

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